Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Broiled Tomatoes with Cheese

My brother, Christopher, came home for Labor Day, which always means a feast. This time was no exception; we enjoyed spinach, blueberries and strawberries tossed with raspberry vinaigrette, Keenbell Farms' spicy cheese brats, slightly over caramelized onions and peppers in gravy, mashed potatoes and Broiled Tomatoes with Cheese for lunch. It was a filling meal that was quick to put together and quick to clean up... So far so good on trying to keep things simple in September.

Whenever he comes home I start thinking of what we enjoyed eating as a kids and this time I remembered Mom serving broiled tomatoes with parmesan cheese. According to my memory they were warm, juicy, savory and comforting. All of those descriptors sounded good to me and I saw Mom's tomatos in the garden looking ripe, so I proposed we have them. She was thrilled, partly because it was such an easy request I'm sure.

Below is her rough recipe, which she emphasized can be adjusted to taste. It, or something like it, came from a cooking for two cookbook back when us kids didn't exist. While the source has been forgotten, then concept was clearly memorable as she made this without any references. 

If you like tomatoes, pizza and/or tomato sauce you will like this one. Its simple ingredients and short broiling time let the tomato's bright flavor shine. Next time I might sprinkle some oregano or basil on top to see how much I can make it taste like pizza sans crust. 

Broiled Tomatoes with Cheese
Serves 2

1 Tomato
Garlic Salt
Bread Crumbs
Parmesan Cheese (The grated sprinkles are fine. We used those when I was young!)

1. Turn on the broiler. Cut the tomato in half, do not core it, and place it juicy side up on the baking sheet.
2. Sprinkle the tomato with garlic salt, then the bread crumbs and finally the parmesan cheese.
3. Broil until the cheese gets slightly brown!

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