Saturday, June 30, 2007

Brother Jimmy's Bait Shack

Have you ever craved sweet tea and southern BBQ in NYC? Brother Jimmy's is a good place to go. I've been to the original location and the Bait Shack; both locations did not disappoint.

The first trip I enjoyed the punch bowl drink, as I can't resist beverages that come with lots of florescent straws and an alligator full of grenadine, while my roommate and her boyfriend had dinner. My tastes of their dinner told me that my dad would love it.

I was right as our post-move dinner confirmed. Since we were too tired to decide on a simple meal, my parents and I shared the BBQ sampler platter and a sampler of the sides. It was so hard to pick 4 sides that our waitress kindly gave us a bonus one (a sadly too smoky biscuits and gravy). Everything else was divine though: creamy macaroni and cheese, North Carolina-style BBQ, spicy and savory collard greens, etc.

I guarantee I'll be taking guests to this restaurant again in the future as it is tasty and convenient to my new place.

Location and Hours: Various (see the website)
Cost: $-$$