Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Distractions -- Random Links & Recipes Bookmarked

Since yesterday was Bloggers Day of Silence, I'm posting Friday Distractions today. For your enjoyment here's what distracted me this week online, what I bookmarked that I hope to one day eat and a picture. Happy weekend!

I've been to some very fun weddings but this one really takes fun, and inventiveness, to the next level. Even if you aren't into weddings it has great ideas for personalizing any event. (via Jordan Ferney Oh Happy Day!)

Ruth Reichl muses about the need to be grateful for what we have in the light of the disasters and horrors taking place elsewhere while simultaneously looking to help as much as we can here. Perspective is good. (via Orangette)

Wow! I had no idea The White House was classified as a museum and had a curator. I really should tour it one day.

Courtney saves the day. She linked an article discussing Sal Kahn's Kahn Academy and it looks like a great resource for learning about many topics...most relevant to me would be relearning math for the GRE.

Clever cartoons constructed from food (via my Uncle Dave)

Recipes Bookmarked
Basil and Goat Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza from How Sweet It Is (via Baking Bites)
Butterscotch Cashew Bars from Everybody Loves Sandwiches (I suspect I have the original bookmarked too.)
Maple Vinegar from the D.I.Y. Cooking Handbook from NY Times. There is also a D.I.Y. Cooking Bibliography that surely will lead to more neat home projects. 
Meyer Lemon Macarons at My Tartlette (Helen always has amazing desserts and macarons posted.)
Spicy Vegan Verde Lasagna at Healthy Happy Life

My biggest distraction offline has been VCU playing and WINNING in the NCAA tournament! In honor of that the only appropriate photo this week is our logo. Clearly. Though a picture of Vika and Rafe's baby, Fiona, was also in the running since she her arrival made me beam.

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