Friday, April 23, 2010

Miscellaneous Food & Other Photos

An assortment of photos of things I ate and a few other highlights of the past two weeks are below... Happy Thursday! I'm off to Minneapolis for the weekend.

I visited the New York Botanical Garden and caught the magnolias and cherry blossoms in bloom. Gorgeous. I'm so happy Spring is here! Chives, Ramps, etc. at the market and warmer weather.

Spinach, Fennel, Segmented Navel Oranges and Red Onion tossed with Oil, Vinegar, Orange Juice, Salt and Pepper... At $1 for a piece of fennel the size of my palm at Arthur Avenue's Market I couldn't resist throwing together a lazy variation on this salad, which I've never actually made. Yum.

Dishes from Techniques of Healthful Cooking II: The sweet potato puree and onion marmalade were my favorite followed by vanilla yogurt panna cotta. I had been wanting to learn to make Panna Cotta forever so this meal made me quite happy...just like cooking classes do.

During mandatory work volunteering this past weekend my colleague Lauren surprised me with these vending machine chips. I squealed. I don't know why but I love Late Night Doritos. Cheesburger ones aren't my new favorite but they were fun to try and tasted surprisingly like kosher dill chips.

Obviously I bought the world's largest container of spinach since I was eating yet another spinach salad this week. This one was the Edamame, Carrots, Scallions, Spinach and a tiny piece of Brie Cheese tossed with Rice Vinegar, Sesame Oil, Agave and Salt.

I also found baby artichokes at the Arthur Avenue Market. These babies were $1 a pound, which is amazing. I trimmed them down, steamed them for 8 minutes or so, then tossed with olive oil and roasted 8 minutes. They were so tender. Do you see the half eaten acorn shaped one? Made me think of my sorority and my big sister who first fed me whole artichokes. Wish we had been together eating these!

After two years of debate I finally purchased Chloe perfume. I love it! I'm treasuring putting it on each morning. Thanks Sephora for finally having a 1 ounce bottle and a sale.

Dishes from Techniques of Healthful Cooking Session III

History happening just down the street! They were installing part of the GIANT drill that will create the Second Avenue Subway tunnel last night.


  1. Onion marmalade sounds delicious.

  2. Sarah - It is delicious! I would share it but I'm not sure I can... Think really well caramelized onions.