Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Butterscotch Pudding

I started my second series of ICE classes last Wednesday: Techniques of Healthful Cooking. I expect to learn a lot, even if it isn't quite as structured and formal as Chef Jane's Fine Cooking I. Last week's highlights were discovering I DO like Tamarind, an amazing lamb dish - it's grilled to perfection with a rich, yet healthy marinade - and receiving an explanation for why my soba noodles always cling together like saran wrap.

How does this relate to Butterscotch Pudding? Well, our dessert was Mango Sorbet and Angel Food Cake, which leaves 12 egg yolks as waste. I couldn't bear the thought of throwing them away so I brought the yolks home and made Grapefruit Curd (6 yolks, now frozen) followed by this Butterscotch Pudding (2 yolks). Are there savory uses for the other 4? Please let me know as my methods of using them up = healthy cooking fail. Those last ones might just die a sad, sad death.

Chef Shuna fish Lydon's Butterscotch Pudding is supposed to be the real deal and it is delicious! Its flavor is a mellowed out version of artificial butterscotch syrups and is similar to caramel, both flavors I love. I don't think I've ever had real butterscotch though so I'm not 100% that I was successful in creating the correct flavor. One of my taste testers, a Butterscotch connoisseur, Kimberly, said it was missing something? I'm guessing it needed more salt and less vanilla extract. Regardless, I won't know until I try the real thing. Anyone want to go have Chef Lydon's butterscotch pot de creme? :)

Her thorough instructions caused me to dirty numerous pots, whisks, etc. but resulted in a creamy, lush pudding...very different than my last pudding i.e. chocolate malted soup. Take her note about whisking continuously seriously. I had been whisking for what felt like eternity, stepped away for 2 minutes to see how long I had to keep going and returned to THICK pudding. This could have been a disaster but I started whisking furiously again and was able to save it from the lumps. All in all I'd say this project was a success!


  1. what a great experience to join a cooking class! i always wanted to do something like that but the city i live in doesn't allow me to do so. I also hate see food wasted or thrown away so kudos for making a great butterscotch pudding out of it. About the 4 leftover, maybe you can try making a hollandaise sauce and serving it with fish or eggs benedict?

  2. I looove them and I probably should be grateful that NYC has so many rather than taking it for granted. Hollandaise is a good idea. Thanks!

  3. nice pudding !!! thanks Pierre

  4. My son was begging for years for me to make butterscotch pudding; I did not make it because I did not have a reliable recipe. Well it is not too late! He does visit frequently! Thanks!

  5. Pierre - Thank you!

    Taste of Beirut - I'm glad to have linked you a recipe that should work. I'm certain he'll still love it if you make the pudding.