Friday, April 30, 2010

Limon and another rave for Graffiti

Last night I went to Graffiti again. It was still mind blowingly good, although sitting side-by-side with Linda in tight quarters made it a slight challenge to catch up as I had to twist my head to make eye contact. Once again the awkwardness easily was ignored given the food and value...and shared bottle of wine. (11/09 Write Up)

The night before I checked out Limon at the recommendation of my colleague and restaurant/wine bar expert, Lauren. It's a tiny, BYOB, Turkish restaurant. Matt and I brought in Honey Moon, which hints at summer and honey. Pretty tasty. I would try it again. I'd also revisit this restaurant though it isn't an immediate must.

We started with complimentary bread that's hot, thick and soft with a nice crust and their hummus, one of the creamiest I have ever had. Next was the Grilled Calamari served over mixed greens with caper lemon olive oil sauce. The calamari was cooked well (still tender with some nice caramelization!) but the vinaigrette didn't have much of a flavor. In fact I forgot it involved capers. Both of our entrees were outstanding though, which made up for the minor disappointment of the "salad."

The Tandir, sliced roasted lamb and fresh oregano with traditional Turkish rice, was heavenly. The tender meat melted in my mouth with the oregano adding some levity and brightness to a potentially heavy dish. The Kofte Piyaz, Turkish meatballs served with white bean salad and Turkish rice, was equally good. The solid meatballs had a strong, meaty flavor and the white bean salad was a light compliment with red onion, tomato and parsley. Lauren's favorite dish is Hunkar Beyendi - chicken or lamb served over puree of eggplant - I'll probably try that if I end up here again.

Afterward, though full, I couldn't resist indulging in 31 cent scoop night at Baskins Robbins. I realize it is probably horrifying but I really like the ultra-fake, florescent Cotton Candy ice cream.

Location: 238 East 24th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, closer to 2nd)
Hours: Mon-Sun 11 a-10:45 p
Cost: $$

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  1. I haven't tried Graffiti yet, but I'm most definitely going to now! Don;t know how I missed your last post on it! I checked out their menu and it looks awesome.