Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cottage Cheese and Egg Breakfast Muffins

I always eat breakfast. It prevents me from being crank(ier than usual), jump starts my metabolism, and tastes good. Cereal is good, especially Kashi Go Lean Crunch, but not the healthiest choice so I am constantly looking for other options.

Now that is colder, I am almost always satisfied by oatmeal with raisins and a splash of milk. However, I sometimes want something different. Eggs may be a great breakfast, but making them and doing the dishes afterward isn't quick; I thought these muffins would be a good substitute (pictured below).

After eating 18 you would think I would have a stronger opinion about them. No luck. They are pretty simple to prepare, filling, and tasty yet the texture just seemed odd. Texture means a lot to me, so this might end up ruling them out. For now they are on my list of recipes to try again.

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