Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Distractions -- Random Links & Recipes Bookmarked

Ready for the weekend? I always am... To help you pass your Friday here are the highlights of what distracted me this week online, what I bookmarked that I hope to one day eat and a picture.

Grocery trucks are a clever way to help relieve food desserts (areas without access to fresh foods/groceries). Michael Pollan highlighted New Mexico's recently started MoGro on his twitter feed but here in Richmond, Virginia we have Farm to Family, which began in 2009. We're ahead of the curve. ;)

Am I Wearing Pants? Blair Waldorf would approve of this infographic. (via Kimberly)

This d-i-y shipping pallet vertical garden looks amazing. I liked the woolly pocket outdoor wall planter at CB2 but this is better.

A post on body image at Keiko Lynn, who has great style and fun make-up tutorials. I added her blog to my reader almost instantly after finding it. (via From Me To You)

Bcycle, a bicycle sharing program, has launched in several US cities. Check it out -- you can even vote to get it in your city! I read about bike sharing while I lived in NYC and thought it would be an awesome thing to have available. (via Jay Parkinson + MD + MPH)

Social Flights, a flight sharing program where regular people can organize and fly on private planes. (via Courtney)

Recipes Bookmarked
Cuban Flank Steak at Kayln's Kitchen
Gumbo Z'Herbes (Green Gumbo) and a wealth of other gumbo info at Audax Artifex
Teriyaki Noodles with Asparagus and Edamame at Mark Bittman

Mom's bunny, Cuddles, has finally acclimated to his new home and now gives bunny kisses.


  1. The DIY shipping pallet is amazing. Now I just need to rig up a water hose that goes outside to my backyard from my window so I don't have to go downstairs to water it....

  2. These window gardens are neat too: You wouldn't have to go outside with them. ;)

    If you rig it up, show me!