Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Distractions -- Random Links & Recipes Bookmarked

Ready for the weekend? I always am... To help you pass your Friday here are the highlights of what distracted me this week online, what I bookmarked that I hope to one day eat and a picture.

Apologies for this being late... The blogger snafu combined with spending time in NYC prevented me from prompt publishing. I'm waiting for my next engagement now! It is so nice to be visiting.

An urn that will turn you into a tree and a comic from XKCD on Marie Curie (via Courtney).

Leslie pointed out this blog to me and I loved it, of course.

These shoes on this dress look like a party to me.

As a(n admittedly lax) member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) I was excited to see that the church voted this week to permit the ordination of people in same-sex relationships.

Recipes Bookmarked
5 Northern Thai Recipes at NPR's Kitchen Window (I would go for the Basil Chicken and Spicy Papaya Salad)
Easy Key-Lime Pie Push Pops at The Cupcake Project
French Macaroons with Nutella at Dessert for Two (via Baking Bites)
Tandoori Mushrooms and Naan at NY Times
The related article has interesting facts about Tandoors -- the oven traditionally used to cook these foods.

Peñón de Ifac, Calpe, Spain September 2009


  1. Thanks for linking to me :)

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  2. You are welcome; I loved your blog concept. I always end up with way too many sweets each time I bake. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment :o)

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  6. Renata - You are very welcome!

    Mehjabeen - Thank you. It was a great weekend. I'll be sure to stop by your blog.

    Manda - I'm glad you enjoyed it.