Tuesday, July 1, 2008


When UrbanDaddy sent around notification that Dell'Anima served ricotta pancakes, I was sold for the aforementioned reasons. I immediately contacted Kimberly, who fell in love with ricotta pancakes at a different upscale hotel on a business trip, and we made plans to go. It only took scheduling a month and a half out... She, Catherine, and I finally went a few weeks ago. The restaurant is tiny, very intimate and cozy. The staff is friendly and the service attentive. But the best part is the food...

The meal is served family-style with generous portions and complimentary, fresh bread served with ricotta cheese, pine nuts, and olive oil. We opted for three selections ($14) instead of six ($18) and enjoyed ricotta pancakes, scrambled eggs, and an arugula salad. The ricotta pancakes were great, but the real standout was the eggs. They were thick, pillowy clouds just like my Grandpa Sweetiepie used to make. I reveled in them. I had not encountered eggs that good since he passed away a few years ago. The salad was refreshing compared with the weight of the other choices; it was dressed with a lemon vinaigrette, fresh pepper and parmesan cheese. Personally, I could have done with less fresh pepper since arugula has a peppery flavor on its own but it was still good.

I would love to go back for a different meal, but that might be a while as it is a bit pricey. In the meantime, anyone want to go for aperitivo? It is Friday through Sunday from 4-6 pm... The food is free with your drink. :)

Location: 38 Eighth Avenue (at Jane Street)
Hours: Mon-Sun 5:30p-2:00a
Cost: $$$


  1. Wow that sounds really yummy. Maybe we could go on a Friday sometime...Do you think they have ricotta omlettes? Feta cheese omlettes are my favorite!

  2. The brunch menu is preset with only six items to choose from - you pick 3, pick 6, or do them a la carte. They didn't have it before, but who knows? Not sure if they serve brunch on weekdays, but I'm sure we could look into it if there was a good day for it.