Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Roxy NYC

As part of Vika's birthday celebration, I had relived elementary and middle school (in much better clothing) at Roxy's Skate Night. The rink seemed much smaller than it did back then and there weren't nearly enough glow in the dark accessories visible on the skaters, myself included.

Skating was still fun, although more tiring than I remembered, and we stayed until midnight. The music had just started heating up, perhaps they played limbo after I left, but between sore ankles and the floor being too packed
to skate smoothly in a circle it was time to go. One of the coolest things to do at Roxy's Skate Night is watching the regulars show their stuff. These people can move on skates better than I can without them!

The bad thing about Roxy is they know they are THE roller skating venue in the city. You pay $15 to get in, $5 for skates, and another $3 to check your bags and shoes. In my opinion this makes going there prohibitively expensive, so I'm not likely to go there again for skating.

Location: 515 West 18th Street (Cross Street: Between 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue)
Hours: Wed 8:00p-2:00a, Fri-Sat 11:00p-4:00a
Cost: $$ (and I didn't even have a drink)

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