Sunday, January 1, 2006

Luca Restaurant

I've been to Luca Restaurant twice (once for New Years!) and I have always had a good meal. The restaurant's very cozy, the staff is friendly, and the owner always comes around to check in with diners. I've also heard that Luca's is very open to hosting for groups, so keep it in mind for any special occasions you have coming up.

You receive fried olives to enjoy, if you like that sort of thing, as you make the challenging decision of what to order. As everything is made fresh sometimes you have to wait a little while for your meal, but the food is totally worth it. So far my favorite entree, which sadly appears to have rotated off of the menu, was a risotto featuring artichokes and scallops. As this dish unexpectedly combined several of my favorite foods how could I resist? It was divine, and if it reappears, snap it up. The butternut squash ravioli was also well made and tasty; I just wish you received more than 6-8 pieces of ravioli at a time.

Also, if you go to Luca's be sure to get some of the caramelized grapefruit rind beside the register on your way out. It's a perfect finish to your meal. :)

Location: 1712 1st Avenue (Between 88th Street & 89th Street)
Hours: Mon-Sat: 12:00p-3:00p, 5:00p-11:00p, Sun 5:00p-11:00p
Cost: $$$

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