Friday, August 18, 2006


After attending two birthday celebrations within a month at Cuba, I determined that it was a great venue for group outings. On both occasions the staff knew exactly where to direct everyone, made sure we had room, and were pleasant when we pulled out cards to split the bill. They also gave the birthday girls a complimentary custard dessert with a giant sparkler.

Cuba welcomes you right as you walk in with its romantic, dim lighting and live Latin music. On the left there is a gentleman rolling complimentary cigars, if you smoke or know someone who does be sure to say "hi" and get one. The menu features numerous options including, appetizers of Empanadas and Meatballs with Saffron that could suffice as a meal, entrees with almost every kind of meat, and desserts. I had the fork tender Salmon Rio Miel glazed in sugar cane, which was excellent and much sweeter than I expected (I'm not sure how sugar glazed didn't give me the impression of super sweet, but whatever). On the other hand the mashed plantains, ordered a la carte, were surprisingly bland and not sweet; stick to the regular plantains.

So, basically, to reiterate if you need to dine in a group or want a mid-priced Cuban meal with a fairly romantic atmosphere go here. And, if you are in a group, be sure to investigate the pitchers of sangria and mojitos.

: 224 Thompson Street @ Bleecker Street
: Mon-Wed: 12:00p-12:00a, Thurs-Sat: 12:00p-12:30a
: $$

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