Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Distractions -- Random Links & Recipes Bookmarked

Ready for the weekend? To help you pass your Friday here are the highlights of what distracted me this week online, what I bookmarked that I hope to one day eat, and a picture.   

"On October 5, 1947, in the first televised White House address, President Truman asked Americans to refrain from eating meat on Tuesdays and poultry on Thursdays to help stockpile grain for starving people in Europe." I was surprised to see a US President advocated eating less meat, ever. (via the NY Times Headlines e-mail of that day)

Runner's World's Detailed Shopping List of Best Buys and Must-Avoids at the Grocery Store (and a much shorter cheat sheet with the items sans explanations.)

Why Foods Go Together Like 'Rama Lama Lama, Ke Ding A De Dinga Dong' provides an explanation for why dinner parties always seem to get out of hand. ;) "Even though the drinks are only weakly astringent, such beverages (wine, tea, beer, etc.) build in astringency with every sip, creating a strong feeling of dryness in your mouth. Conversely, fatty foods lubricate your mouth and make it feel slimy. 'Our mouth really wants to be in a position of balance,' says Breslin. And the more you sip and chew, the better your mouth feels."

Well, shoot, I thought evaporated cane juice might be better/less refined than plain Jane sugar. When will I learn sugar is sugar and I need to learn to let it go...

"Some of you called me out: the recipes I frequently post here don’t necessarily reflect the way I eat, every day, when I arrive home just needing to get some good, filling food on the table. Food blogs, photography, and writing tend to highlight the unusual, the unique, the quaint, and the momentous. I love and celebrate all these things too, but perhaps it is time to document the everyday." excerpted from a smart essay On dinner, work, & lifestyle (via 101 Cookbooks)

Recipes Bookmarked
Pumpkin Pie Spice Chips at Cupcake Project
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies (Grain Free, Gluten Free) at Deliciously Organic
Pumpkin Walnut Granola at Everybody Loves Sandwiches and/or Skinny Pumpkin Granola at Skinnytaste
Sugar Detox Cinnamon Sweet Potato Ice Cream with Toasted Walnuts at PaleOMG

Cottage-style homes are some of my favorites. Arlington, VA, January, 2007

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