Thursday, January 12, 2012

J. Crew Warehouse Sale: What I Bought

If you live in Richmond, Virginia the odds are high that you know J. Crew's Warehouse Sale is going on right now. In case you somehow missed this fact, I'm here to tell you it is going on and going strong. The amount of merchandise inside is overwhelming and, while they try hard to keep things in order, you have to dig. So be prepared!

I went through a very small percentage of the overflowing boxes to find my haul below and I feel like I did very well getting new, current clothing at basically secondhand prices. I'm especially grateful to the individual who helped me in the tally line miraculously keeping my total under $50 when it should have been more like $80. Unfortunately this makes going back very tempting...but that is a whole different issue. 

1. Wear leggings, a tight top and flats! This will let you try on everything over your clothing without bulk, even swimsuits. There are a few mirrors, but having a friend there to advise would be fun.
2. Carry only a credit card and ID. You won't want anything extra to hang onto when you're digging, hauling a giant clear trashbag of potential and/or trying on clothes.
3. Look at the clothing carefully as there are pieces with snags, holes, ink marks, et. cetera. 
4. Go at an off-peak time. I arrived at 11:30 a.m. today and it was a breeze.

The sale is open from 10 am - 8 pm daily until January 22 at 9750 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23060 (a former Borders). New shipments arrive daily and rumor has it things are folded when they first appear on the floor. Good luck figuring out when that is going to happen though...

Natasha top, $88 $8

Scalloped Lace Shell, $69.50 $54.50 $8

Teddie Dress, $198 $20

Ruched Betty Top, $60 $3  

in Charcoal & Black, $88 $3
in Blue, $88 $3

I went a bit overboard with the swimsuits. Oops. Swimsuit gifts may be in the future. Also, FYI, if you have any sort of stomach get a printed swimsuit. It will hide things better; in spite of being very well made and fully lined these show bumps.

Jules dress in Ashbury floral, $188, likely $20 at the sale

This dress was in my grasp, minus only a button, too. I wandering the sale a long while wearing it, but I didn't bite as it was tight across the back, verged on scandal when I raised my arms (sad as I am 5' 4"...on a good day) and because of Vika's texted counsel. In my laps several people inquired about the dress, so I found the one who emphatically said I should give it to her and did just that. She was so excited! It felt good to make someone's day.

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