Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baked Risotto with Asparagus, Spinach, and Parmesan

During my asparagus kick back in June, I made this easy, healthy-ish baked risotto from Cooking Light. It is a solid recipe with a good flavor and attractive presentation, but it isn't as creamy and delicious as real risotto.

There is a high probabilty that the rice was undercooked and a bit firm due to my improvised dutch oven involving a glass dish and foil. Moving forward that won't be an issue thanks to self indulgence and the Le Creuset outlet in Williamsburg, Va. last week I now own a 6.75 quart black dutch oven. It's a beauty and I got it for around 60% off! I can't wait for it to reach me here in NYC. There was no way to carry it on the plane, unfortunately.

Back to the recipe, I like that it requires less attention than risotto and provided a close resemblance. I will probably try it again sometime if I'm feeling lazy. Otherwise, I'll stick to real risotto as I enjoy making things unnecessarily difficult sometimes!


  1. I like it!!!

    I miss asparagus... today I watched "No Reservations" and salivated over scallops... I will find some next week when I get out of Baghdad for a bit!

  2. Thank you! I loooove scallops i.e. sea marshmellows. I cooked sauteed some at the beach last week and was very pleased with the result. One day I might get around to posting it. Ha.

    Where are you headed for your break this time? I'm excited you have a getaway planned next week.

  3. Sri Lanka!!!!!!!

    We're going to some restaurant that's rated one of the top in the world.. I'll be sure to take photos!!!

  4. I am so envious of your travels! Can't wait to read about the trip and see pictures. :)