Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maybe Someone Could Teach Me To Write About Texture

I had no idea there were classes to hone food writing, blogging and reviewing skills. There is even a food writing related class on food history! But the whole thing with this "food blog" is that I'm not committed; I don't even post regularly. Classes are kinda expensive and would go against that. On the other hand the reviewing one promises to teach you to not describe things as delicious (so guilty of that!)... Hmm. I guess this goes to show you can study anything!

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  1. Think about texture. Think about what it feels like when your hands touch something- rough, smooth, soft, drapey, etc. Think about what your mouth feels when you taste something, not just the taste but the texture. I think it's just practice and honing the way you think about things that you experience. That's all writers/artists etc do, think about their experiences a little deeper than most of us, then put it back out into the world. :)