Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Apples

I finally made it to the Greenmarket a few weekends ago for the first time in months. When hauling my groceries home, I realized why I really should stick to visiting irregularly or at the very least stick to my shopping list. Everything is so tempting that I end up grocery shopping like the apocalypse is coming.

Does one person really need a 3 pound bag of apples, a full stalk of brussel sprouts, 4 pounds of chicken, etc.? Not so much. Oh well! At least I put the ingredients to good use. My successfully met cooking goals for the week were making from scratch shredded chicken and veggie soup (needed salt but otherwise decent), chicken broth, pumpkin bread, and Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Apples.

As I had never purchased brussel sprouts on the stalk cutting them off without cutting myself was a bit of an adventure. While my bravery with trying new dishes has improved over time, I haven't gained knife skills. In spite of this the brussel sprout dish was a success. I'll definitely make it again, probably using pre-cut brussel sprouts, as it was refreshing, light and filling. My co-worker Lauren actually thought it looked tasty, which never happens, and I felt healthy eating it.

My favorite aspect was the maple syrup browned tofu, a unique preparation that I suspect could be used in other dishes.


  1. Wow impressive! I had no idea Brussels sprouts grew that way! I need more texture descriptions, please, thanks.

  2. I'm not sure how to describe textures. Ug. Maybe the original cook did?

    It wasn't soft like greens in a soup, but it wasn't crisp either. There was a definite a slight "crunch" aspect because of the pine nuts and there would've been more had I not cooked the apples into mush. Oops.

    So it had a pretty decent amount of texture?