Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bon Chon Chicken i.e. KoFC

For months now Deb and I have been discussing Korean Fried Chicken (i.e. KoFC due to her cleverness not mine). She was going soon after our last dinner outing and I was intrigued. I've never loved American Fried Chicken - so greasy, crusty and slimy, and for a long time horrifyingly fattening -- but KoFC seemed different, especially after this New York Times Article. Last night we visited Bon Chon, which Gothamist has some great pictures of here.

Without help it would be hard to find as it looks closed from the outside, if you even realize it is on the second floor. While waiting for Deb to arrive, I was weighing our other options just in case. It turns out Bon Chon was very open; it just is dressed as a nightclub with dim lighting, not-so-attentive staff, loud music, and uncomfortable bottle service style tables.

We ordered a large platter, 9 drumsticks, half Soy Garlic and half Hot Spicy. It is accompanied by some sort of pickled white vegetable and a cabbage salad with a flavorless dressing. I'm pretty sure the purpose of these accompaniments is to tone down the Hot Spicy. Both sauces had a great flavor and the texture is unique - kind of like crispy rotisserie chicken. Don't come here if you want a quick meal; we had to wait for a table and it took a good 30 minutes for the chicken to come out.

I enjoyed it, but I think it will be a while before the urge to go again strikes me. Pio Pio trumps it in my book.

Vika, I hope my next visit will be with you... You love fried chicken and they serve a beverage called Soju. Apparently, it comes by the carafe and in Lychee flavor that doesn't even taste like alcohol. I didn't try as that would have been a recipe for a disastrous Wednesday night.

Location: 314 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor (closer to 32nd Street)
Hours: Sun-Thurs 4:00p-2:00a, Fri-Sat 4:00p-4:00a

Cost: $$

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