Thursday, July 22, 2010

GaGa's Chocolate Sherbetter on a Stick

I haven't highlight a product before but GaGa's Chocolate Sherbetter on a Stick is so unique and delicious that I feel compelled to doing a little free, unrequested advertising for them. They advertise the popsicles as a cross between sherbert and ice cream, which is an accurate description.

They are super soft and smooth with a real cocoa flavor. The popsicles also area mere 100 calories a pop and don't contain refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. As with most foods from small family business using high quality ingredients, they aren't inexpensive but they aren't ridiculously overpriced either. My box of 5 cost less than $5.00, which I felt comfortable justifying.

It's also worth mentioning that I stuck to eating just one a day -- rare for me with sweets - so they must be really satisfying. ;) Personally they could be a touch less sweet, but I will definitely be purchasing them again as long as our heat wave keeps up.

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